Alin Tagar's Certificates

Alin Tagar’s certificate is given to each student who passes the course of Alin Tagar in the specific course period. We use original courses and assessing materials published by Oxford University or Cambridge University with the criteria that corresponds with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Student’s skills are evaluated according to the instruction of Oxford Test Assessment or Cambridge Test Assessment.

beginner Certificates

The Alin Tagar’s Beginner Certificate is not a formal certification. However, this certificate is designed for learners who have successfully completed the long-term beginner course given by Alin Tagar English School, Dawei, Myanmar.

This course includes the English File 3rd Edition course books and materials by Oxford University Press, which covers all aspects of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and communication skills in English. Once the student has completed the course and passed all tests and assessments, they will be certified as having achieved a basic level of proficiency in the language. This certification will help this student to move on to higher levels of learning and also be recognised by employers as having acquired an important skill set.

If your organisation needs to check a student’s results, please contact us via the contact form or send direct email to

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