Count Dracula 2023

Count Dracula 2023

Count Dracula 2023 which is the Halloween Night season II will be released on 31st October 2023. The horror film was produced by Alin Tagar Video Entertainment. Alin Tagar’s students were actively performed in the horror film. 

Count Dracula 2023 was the second big horror film directed by Saya Victor (Alin Tagar). The first horror film was Halloween Night. There are 3 or 4 trailers of Count Dracula 2023 available on YouTube.

count dracula 2023 dvd case full min
count dracula 2023 dvd min

Parts of Count Dracula 2023

The Count Dracula 2023 film consists of sixteen parts. They are

  1. Going to the Market
  2. Meeting an Old Friend
  3. A Girl Running Away from Home
  4. A New Home for Anna
  5. A Short Visit to My Love
  6. A Dinner with My New Divine
  7. A Battle in a Pub
  8. The Inspector’s Offer
  9. An Old Friend from New York
  10. A Street Fight
  11. Dracula’s New Assistant
  12. A Murder of the Girl
  13. Ven Helsing Retur
  14. A Stranger in the Dream
  15. The strangers in the city
  16. The bloodthirsty fight of Dracula

Count Dracula 2023 Horror Film interview

The first interview of Count Dracula 2023 came out on 20th September 2023. The interview was taken place in Dawei.


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