Oxford Dolphin Readers

Oxford Dolphin Readers Collection

Dolphins Readers are interactive graded readers specifically designed to make language development fun for young learners.

Full-colour illustrations and cross-curricular content stimulate students` interest and keep students engaged. Carefully graded English introduces new languages in a fun context.

Activities built into each page of story text allow students to practice their newly acquired language skills.

With different stories and themes and different interactive activities in each book, Oxford Dolphin Readers are an easy way to introduce young learners to reading in English in a fun and supported way.

Each full-color book covers one of his four themes:

Grammar, symbiosis, the world around us, science, and nature.

Topics are carefully selected to meet cross-disciplinary needs, and language reinforces what is taught in primary school textbooks. This means that students are exposed to new language points in natural and interesting contexts.

Each reading page is accompanied by a page of interactive activities that help students familiarize themselves with the new language they encounter. It also encourages students to develop critical thinking skills.

  • Activities for every page of reading
  • Full-colour illustrations and photographs
  • Picture dictionary in every book
  • Notes for teachers and parents in each book
  • Audio for every book (American English)

Dolphin Readers Starter Level

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Dolphin Readers Level 2

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