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Oxford Let's Go Readers Collection

Let’s Go Readers are colourful readers which use a wide variety of story types and visual styles to build students’ interest in reading. Topics and vocabulary are directly linked to the syllabus of Let’s Go Third Edition. They also provide a fun reading opportunity for each unit of the course.

One of the most popular children’s courses, Let’s Go, is now in its exciting third edition. Like the original, the third installment retains the carefully curated curriculum and functional dialogue that has become a hallmark of the Let’s Go series.

Interaction in English in the classroom is encouraged from the start, with an emphasis on question-and-answer forms, dialogues, pair work, and communication games. Alphabet and phonetics practice along with Carolyn Graham’s songs. And chants are the most effective part of the course for young learners.

The syllabus has been revised to include new vocabulary. The functional dialogue exercises with communicative games encourage classroom interaction among all learners. The accompanying CD-ROM contains over 30 hours of fun learning activities for each unit. It also allows students to recreate the language on their computers at home. Moreover, Let’s Go Readers series also keep the students interested and motivated in the lessons.

After years of extensive review and testing by International children’s teachers, the new edition maintains a balance between essential character and clarity, familiarity, and fun, making it one of the most adaptable on the market.

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