Testimonials: Aye Aye Nyein (Alice)

I’m from Maungmagan Village. It’s not very from Dawei, the city of Tanintharyi Division. I study English because it’s the most common language in the world. I want to make new friends from other countries and also communicate with them. What the most important for me is I want to get a good job.

I’m a kind of quite person, find myself not easy to make friend with other people. I always felt shy to communicate with my friends. It was strange to me. But now, I can overcome those negative personalities with AELTS that I’ve never thought I could do it before.

I have to say AELTS is the best language school in Dawei I’ve ever joined. At AELTS, I had to learn many important things like how to make pronunciation better, asking and answering the questions in the formal and informal occasions, what to say when going shopping, booking a reservation, introducing ourselves, and how to handle the issues and difficult situation well in English. Teacher taught us not only indoor but also outdoor as well. Sometimes, we had to play games and made roleplay videos.

Now, I can speak English more confidently and more fluently. I’ve got a lot of benefits by completing even beginner course because during the course term, teacher taught very professionally in pronunciation, word stress, and I did many collaborative activities like role play, pair work and group work.

I strongly recommend you to take AELTS’s English courses because it’s really helpful for everyone who has poor English skills like me. Every week I had to learn more and more effective English conservation, did activities and got knowledge. It has helped me make English language easier and more familiar to speak in everyday situation. Now, I am studying elementary English at AELTS.

It seems to me that it was quite a hard going throughout the beginner course. No matter who you are, what you do, where you were from. If you want to make a better choice of studying English, it’s the right choice to start learning with AELTS.

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