Testimonials: Khin Khet Khet Khine (Cora)

I’m from Dawei. I am a university student. I’d like to give my honest review of AELTS. Last year, I was recommended to attend English class at AELTS by a friend of mine. So, I joined one of the beginner English classes at AELTS and I completed Beginner course at AELTS finally.

I want to share how I learnt the English lesson and what I got after Beginner Level. Teacher’s teaching methods were extremely good and standard. And I met very friendly and helpful classmates. The environment was so convenient for me so I could learn clearly and comfortably about the lessons. I learnt Critical thinking with many collaborative activities such as group or pair discussion, working in pairs or group besides 4-skill lessons. We had a certain Facebook group where we wrote variety of articles about different topics and we had to find out grammar, vocabulary and spelling mistakes in turn. And then, we had to point out the mistakes and correct them in the comment. Those methods helped us significantly improve our writing and reading skills. At Beginner Level, we also had to do outdoor activities that were really fun and interesting. And we had tests after each unit so I didn’t get lazy to do homework at all, and to practise every day. After Beginner Level, my English is definitely getting better. I get more confident to speak English not only with my classmate but also with other people outside. My pronunciation gets clear and easy to understand for others. Now, I am continuing elementary course.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to join AELTS. You will experience how different you are before and after attending the course at AELTS.

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