Testimonials: Sint Sint Oo (Stella)

I am from Yangon, but now I live in Dawei. I am a university student. I am studying elementary English at AELTS now.

One day, I was looking for the English Class in Dawei. Luckily, I found some students speaking English in the videos on Facebook. And it really made me interested in attending at AELTS. Before I attended one of the English classes at AELTS, I was so worried about speaking English in public. A few months later, I could speak more confidently and shyness walked away from me after a couple of weeks. In the class, we had to discuss and share knowledge, had to do a lot of collaborative activities and the quizzes and so on. When I got home I did self-study and looked up new words in my dictionary and practised pronunciation as I was instructed.

I truly recommend AELTS for the one who are trying to improve his or her 4-skill English because the teacher is patient, knowledgeable, points out mistakes and corrects wrong pronunciation.

The course takes about 7/8 months. For some people it might be too much. But for me, after 7/8 months, I noticed what I have improved and what I still need to be develop. Don’t waste your time with not a right place. AELTS is the right place for you to pick up a new language and brush up on your English.

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