Testimonials: Yonge Wadi Kyaw

I’m from Dawei and I’m an elementary English student at AELTS. I am currently studying law at Dawei University. I happened to attend at AELTS because I wanted to spend my extra time beneficially on learning a new language especially English, and maybe, I will need it for my future job.

At AELTS, I have to learn authentic English language with a plenty of collaborative outdoor and indoor activities such as group discussion, pair work, using effective learning strategies and methods, making roleplay English conversation videos and listening to audio flies besides the course contents. Before I joined AELTS, English was a very difficult thing for me because my pronunciation was very bad and I was afraid to speak English in front of the people. But now, it’s an interesting thing for me and I have confidence in communicating in English.

I want to recommend this school if you want to be good at English, AELTS can really help your dream come true.

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