Testimonials: Yoon Thiri Tun

I’m from Anouk Quarter, Dawei. I’m a first year (hons) English Specialization student at Dawei University. I happened to attend at AELTS because I wasn’t good at English speaking and listening. So, I wanted to speak English fluently and improve my listening skill. When someone spoke English very quickly, I didn’t catch what was said and that made me feel awkward.

Let me explain how I was taught at AELTS. I attended the beginner class at AELTS. In the early lessons, I was taught the basic things such as the alphabets, the numbers with the correct pronunciation. The difficult words were explained written on the board and we were asked to practise saying them. All the time, our teacher said the difficult words first and then we had to repeat it again and again. If I made a mistake, the teacher corrected it. We were also asked the fluency or accuracy questions. For accuracy questions, we had to answer grammatically with the right pronunciation. Each unit consisted of vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing section. When a unit ended, we had to do the revision that helped us to remember what we had learnt in the early lessons and practised more if necessary. We also had to write essays and paragraphs using the words from the specific unit. And then, we gave presentation which mainly focused on speaking fluently and helping us feel confident to speak in front of the people. For speaking, we listen the audio file first (like the conversation or interview) without reading the text. Then, we did exercises and practised in pair or group to improve our speaking and listening skills. To learn other cultures, we celebrated English events and holidays like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and Happy New Year. This helped us to understand and feel comfortable in English cultures. We also did a lot of fun activities by using the 4-skills. I gained a lot of benefits after completing a beginner course. It helped me enhance my fluency and listening skill. Now, I’m confident to speak English in front of the people more fluently and more naturally. It also supported my university literature and communication skill.

For me, I really like AELTS because there was no right or wrong answer when we were speaking. The teacher encouraged us to speak out and then helped us correct if necessary. We also had to discuss about the real topics that improved our critical thinking skill. All the grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading, listening and speaking lessons are essential for the students. I would like to say our teacher as an excellent English teacher because he has a lot of experiences in teaching both children and adults. He is always looking for facilitating his students to improve their authentic English skills. For these facts, AELTS is the right choice for the students who want to speak English confidently and naturally.

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