Testimonials: Zin Ko Naing (Zeck)

My name is Zeck. My formal name is Zin Ko Naing. I live near Dawei University in Kamyawkin Village, quite far from Dawei. I have graduated from Dawei University with a degree of bachelor of science in Mathematics. I have been volunteering for a CSO in Dawei region, Central Statistical Organization but I don’t have a permanent job yet. I knew Alintagar English Learning Training School from my friend. I have learned English at AELTS since I was a first-year university student. I didn’t understand how to learn academically at university. So, I decided to join Alintagar English Learning Training School. AELTS’s lessons include a lot of collaborative activities such as role play, pair work, group work, presentation, assignment, pronunciation practice and so on. I have gained a lot of benefits from this school after I have studied for 6 months. Now, I can communicate well with my classmates with the right pronunciation. My sentence structures and grammar are getting better. If you plan to study English language for sure, I recommend you to join AELTS because I guarantee that the curriculum of AELTS will improve your 4-skill English but you need to take time for a better change.

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