Write A Facebook Page Review

Write A Facebook Page Review

Welcome back to Alin Tagar IT Knowledge Sharing. In this article, we will tell you about how to write a review on your Facebook Page. Facebook has updated its rating system and writing review section. 

First of all, You need to log into your Facebook account. Then, look for the Facebook page where you want to write a review. Scroll down until you find “⭐ Not yet rated (0 reviews). Click on that. Do you want to recommend “Example Name”. Click “YES”. Then, you can start writing a review about that Facebook page.

The length of the review text is recommended to write at least 10 sentences. The longest review will be painful and affect negatively the reader’s attention. You can also add screenshots or pictures from your phone to your reviews. One important thing is the star rating will not appear as soon as your review is completed. The rating will be counted automatically by the Facebook system. So, just wait for a few days to appear on your Facebook page. You can also watch about how to write a review on Facebook below.

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