Testimonials: Zoey

I was born in Yaephyu village but I was raised in Dawei. Last two years in December, I started to attend a famous English class. But I wasn’t sure that I was improving until April. So, I decided to change the school. According to my cousin, Saya Victor, an English teacher from Alin Tagar English Language Training School, was well-known for his patience, strictness, friendliness and engaging teaching methods. That’s why I joined AELTS. Because of his teaching methods, I could feel the atmosphere of a warm, kind and friendly relationship with my classmates and I could collaborate with them easily. On the other hand, I could learn English without anxiety.

When I was a beginner student, I was corrected with my wrong pronunciation, bad word stress and strange intonation. Then, I was taught how to write and respond an email, the articles and so on. We were always encouraged to be active both indoor and outdoor activities including playing interesting games. In elementary level, we are taught about critical thinking skills and how to use it effectively. We are suggested to learn English not only via the coursebooks but also digitally. Thankfully, we all students can apply some useful websites and other English channels on our mobile phones. Because of my teacher’s support and my attempt, I understand my progress clearly in CERF level, B 1 which means I can understand the main points of radio or TV programmes and texts, I can interact and produce familiar conversations and I can write my personal information and interest on my own. I feel I’m improving every single month.

I highly recommend you to take English courses at AELTS. You will have the experience of learning English with a professional teacher who can speak English like a native speaker and teach English professionally. I’m sure you will agree with me after you have joined AELTS!

Lastly, it is not doubtful that Alin Tagar is a school where a teacher is expert on teaching, applying effective methods, preparing engaging lessons and classroom management. It’s a flexible and suitable environment for youths who would like to reveal their invisible talents.

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